•   over 3 years ago

Use of Bitmoji icon in app store screenshots

The brand guidelines say "Do not incorporate any Bitmoji artwork or brand assets or elements into your apps or products, including promotional materials such as app store screenshots."

Taken to the extreme, that implies I cannot show a screenshot where I have the Bitmoji icon to use Bitmoji in the app. Am I reading this correctly? The entire point of being in the competition is adding Bitmoji access into the app but it seems like these terms prevent me showing that on the app store.


  •   •   over 3 years ago

    Hey Andy! You can totally include Bitmoji artwork as long as it is specifically showcasing existing UI. This guideline is just to prevent developers from implying their product is in partnership or a first-party Bitmoji product, resulting in end-user confusion.

  •   •   over 3 years ago

    Great, that was the sensible interpretation I expected but was a bit worried about the strict wording of the guidelines, thanks Gervis.

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