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Announcing the winners...

First of all, let us congratulate all of the Snap Kit Dev Challenge participants for contributing such innovative projects.

We also would like to congratulate the winners, who will receive an email with next steps in the coming days - so keep an eye out. You can check out the submission gallery to see the winning submissions and other participant projects that used Snap Kit to take their apps to the next level!

Even though the competition is over, you don't have to stop building - check out other great hackathons on Devpost and update your portfolio.

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And your category winners are...

Thank you for participating and building amazing projects in the Snap Kit Developer Challenge 2020! The Snap team would love to hear about your hackathon experience.

Please fill out this form and help us get better.

The judges have deliberated and have chosen the following category winners who will compete to become the Pitch Contest Winner. Check back to see which project becomes the Pitch Contest Winner after November 2nd!

Best Use of Dynamic Lenses
Learn It
Best Use of Bitmoji
Happy - with friends
Best Design Fleek
Innovation Award Snap Keys
Best Overall Use of Snap Kit Swirl -

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Final call: Submissions close October 5

Just a final shout-out. These are the last few days to work on your project and submit to the Snap Kit Dev Challenge.

Final checklist:

  • Are you submitting a software application using Snap Kit?
  • Does your project fit into one of the required categories: Best Use of Dynamic Lenses, Best Use of Bitmoji, Best Design, Innovation Award, Best Overall Use of Snap Kit?
  • Have you created a 3-minute demo video? Does your video include a complete walkthrough of your application, an explanation of your application’s integration of Snap Kit, and a clear explanation of your application’s features and functionality?

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Two weeks to go – submit early!

There are two weeks left to enter your submission to the Snap Kit Dev ChallengeSubmissions are due October 5 before 9am PST. (Find out what time that is in your city)

If you haven't started a submission yet, please do so now. (We’ll walk you through our submission form process if you need help.)  And if you've just recently joined the challenge, explore the Slack Channel, the Resources Tab, and your “to-do” list for more info to help you get started.

Submission checklist

Run through this list before you sit back from

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Three weeks to go + don’t forget to use the community

There are three weeks remaining in the Snap Kit Dev Challenge. Submissions are due October 5 before 9am PST. (Find out what time that is in your city)

As you continue to build and test your project, don’t forget there is a world of resources out there to help you.  If you are stuck, don’t be afraid to use what’s there to help you over the hurdle.  Here are a few places you can look:

  1. Resources Tab: There are plenty of resources at your disposal.  The Snap Kit documentation and sample code can help you

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How to make a great demo video

We know as devs and innovators, your expertise normally lie behind the scenes, however, the submission video needs time too!

Your video is a major component of your submission to the Snap Kit Dev Challenge. Here are some helpful tips for you to plan, create, and publish a winning video.

 Get organized. Write out a script of what you need to say and demonstrate in your video and rehearse it before recording. Essentially a good script should:

  • Include your elevator pitch of why you built your project.

  • Include a visual walkthrough of your project’s features and functionality.

  • Mention which Snap…

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Collaboration, Resources + More To Help You Build

Whether or not you have started building your Snap Kit Dev Challenge project, the Slack Channel is the perfect place to connect with other developers!

Not only can you bounce ideas off each other and ask other developers for technical help, but you can find your next teammate!

Teaming up
Looking for a team?  The Slack Channel can help you connect with potential Snap Kit Dev Challenge teammates.  You can also use the Participants Tab to search for other developers looking to team up, check out their skills and message them to see if they want to collaborate


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