•   about 2 years ago

Bitmoji terms of use - limits on "modifying" Bitmoji

There's a clause I just noticed in the App Review Guidelines:

"Apps that use Bitmojis cannot:
Modify or allow users to modify Bitmoji artwork in any way, including adding a body, text, or creative element

Does this exclude adding Bitmoji to a composed scene which otherwise has a picture/color background and may have elements such as text?

What if the Bitmoji is used as main background picture in such a collage scene? (Which is what I have accomplished in the current Touchgram submission for the competition).

If you read this in a lawyerly manner, any use of a Bitmoji in a text message could be construed as "adding text".

I'm hoping the distinction is that "adjacent" text and graphic elements are OK.

I'm also worried about some of the planned Touchgram features such as animated effects being applied in reaction to touch. If the user has put a Bitmoji sticker on a page and then has a warp, or items going up in flames, would that also violate this term?

My main hope is that this is one of those clauses put into an agreement which will be applied "with discretion" - it will be OK if what I'm doing with Touchgram is deemed respectful, well-intentioned as an extension to the Bitmoji-verse and otherwise adding significant value to the user experience.


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